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I have always had a passion for storytelling. I was the kid who had to be told to go play outside during summer break because I would spend all day reading.  I got my BA in theater because I love the physical and interactive method of storytelling and I double majored in English because I have a passion for the written word and the intimacy between the author and reader. I've spent the past eight years in Chicago as an actor, working with different theaters across the city, and as the Lighting Supervisor for Blue Man Group. My time in theater taught me that I enjoy, and am good at, being a resource for authors to present their best work. I am intimately familiar with the importance of character development, pacing, and drama in telling a compelling story.

After realizing I wanted to work with the written word  I received the Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago early this year where I developed a strong understanding of the Chicago Manual of  Style. Most notably, I have experience with screenplays,  nonfiction novels, and poetry translations.  My favorite genres to read and work on are fantasy, science fiction, and  young adult novels as well as scripts for both the screen and stage.