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Some things to note:

  • These descriptions and prices are a starting point to get our conversation started.Each level of editing can be tailored to your needs.

  • I accept payment through PayPal or certified check.



This edit will focus on spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This is the quickest turnaround time on an edit. I catch what a person doing a quick read, particularly a person already familiar with the work, will gloss over and miss. 


Developmental Editing

This edit focuses on the overall flow of the piece, dramatic structure, and a detailed consistency check of characters, settings, and timeline. Extensive reordering and rewriting may happen. This can be the longest turnaround time. This edit should take place early in the editing process.





  • A sample of your work will help me recommend an appropriate level of editing and if we are the right fit for each other.

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substantive editing

This edit will focus on pace, voice, word choice, a light consistency check of characters and settings, and organization at a paragraph level. Some light rewriting of sentences may happen.


Manuscript Evaluation

You will receive a report evaluating all the elements of your story, suggestions for strengthening those elements, and a recommendation for your next step. The following elements will be evaluated: overall impressions, plot and story line, conflict and tension, character development, dialogue, pacing and readability, point of view, voice and tone, and consistency. Don’t worry! The purpose of an evaluation isn’t to only point out areas for improvement, it’s also to let you know what’s working. Please note: this service is not an edit, you will not receive a marked-up copy of your manuscript.