Services & Pricing


Some things to note:

  • These descriptions and prices are a starting point to get our conversation started.Each level of editing can be tailored to your needs. After you send me a sample of your work I can give you feedback on what level of editing I think would work best.

  • A standard manuscript page is 250 words.



This edit will focus on spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This is the quickest turnaround time on an edit. I catch what a person doing a quick read, particularly a person already familiar with the work, will gloss over and miss. 

For this level of editing, prices start at $3.00 per page. 

Developmental Editing

This edit focuses on the overall flow of the piece, dramatic structure, and a detailed consistency check of characters, settings, and timeline. Extensive reordering and rewriting may happen. This can be the longest turnaround time. This edit should take place early in the editing process.

For this level of editing, prices start at $10.00 per page.


I work off proofs to create an index for your work so readers can quickly find and reference ideas and terms in your writing.

For indexing, prices start at $2.00 per proof page.




  • A sample of your work will help me recommend an appropriate level of editing and if we are the right fit for each other. Your sample will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

  • I accept checks, PayPal, and some forms of cryptocurrency.

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substantive editing

This edit will focus on pace, voice, word choice, a light consistency check of characters and settings,  and organization at a paragraph level. Some light rewriting of sentences may happen.

For this level of editing, prices start at $7.00 per page.


This service is a check of proofs against a provided style sheet for any major errors or omissions. This will be the last check of your manuscript before it is printed. 

For proofreading, prices start at $2.50 per proof page.